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2D/3D Visualization of Multidimensional Data on Mobile Devices


In private as well as business domains, mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones are used to get access to a wide variety of data. These devices are characterized by a limited screen resolution for displaying information while offering new ways of interaction. Most visualizations of information are currently developed for desktop screens and thus in many cases are not suited for mobile devices. To explore and assess data on a mobile device it is necessary to develop adaptive visualization techniques which take these limitations into account. With the current trends in virtual and augmented reality, visualizations in three dimension become feasible, even on mobile phones when using Google's Cardboard or Samsung's Gear VR.

This thesis will consist of developing a mobile application for displaying data and information which adapts the visualization for the hardware at hand. This includes exploration of new ways of interaction as well as three dimensional rendering.

In more detail, the work should cover:

  • Development of data visualizations for mobile devices

  • Exploration of new ways of interaction

  • Assessing whether visualizations benefit from presentation in Virtual Reality

  • Evaluation in the field



  • Good programming skills

  • Knowledge of data visualization techniques will be an advantage

  • Knowledge on App development is beneficial


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