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Spatio-temporal Exploration of Social Media on Mobile Devices


Today, we witness an explosion of applications available for GPS-enabled mobile devices to distribute one’s current location with the world and to create and share points of interests (POIs) in a community of other mobile users. Examples of such applications are Layar, Wikitude World Browser, Foursquare, and Gowalla. Besides the spatial information of POIs, some applications also support sharing of temporal information, i.e., information on the time and duration of the POIs. In the context of this work, we consider events as entities that are build from POIs by adding temporal information to it. Only a few mobile applications consider this temporal information explicitly and provide its users, e.g., a separate screen to set temporal filters when searching for events. These applications require the users to switch to a secondary screen in order to interact with the temporal information.

In this work, we aim at improving our prior work on incremental entity resolution by considering spatio-temporal social media data. In a human-centred design process, the existing entity resolution approach will be extended and an evaluation conducted to show the effectiveness and efficiency of the approach.

In more detail, the work should cover:
- Design of an application for social media exploration
- Taking specific requirements of mobile devices into account
- Selection of a rich set of data sources to be used as input for the application
- Designing and conducting an evaluation strategy for the application

This work will be conducted in collaboration with Prof. Ramesh Jain (UC Irvine, CA, USA).


- Good programming skills
- Management of large data sets will be necessary
- Knowledge of methods for user evaluations are of advantage

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