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Framework for Iterative Signing of Graph Data

Signing graph data on the web is important for many different application scenarios. It allows for identifying the source of a graph published on the web and tracking the provenance of graph data. Thus, signing graph data is an important prerequisite for establishing trust networks on the Semantic Web.

We released a Java-based open source implementation of our software framework for iterative signing of arbitrary graph data provided, e. g., as RDF(S), Named Graphs, or OWL. The software framework is based on a formalization of different graph signing functions and supports different configurations. It is available in source code as well as pre-compiled as .jar-file.

The graph signing framework exhibits the following unique features:

  • Signing graphs on different levels of granularity
  • Signing multiple graphs at once
  • Iterative signing of graph data for provenance tracking
  • Independence of the used language for encoding the graph (i. e., the signature does not break when changing the graph representation)


Source code: The documentation of the software framework and its source code is available from:

Publication: There is also an accompanying publication at ESWC this year. Thanks to the papers being available for free, we also like to point to the publication:

Andreas Kasten, Ansgar Scherp and Peter Schauß. A Framework for Iterative Signing of Graph Data on the Web, ESWC, 2014.





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