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A Core Ontology on Objects and Relations to Events


Humans like to think in terms of events and objects. They provide a natural access to human experience. Thus, one can say that events and objects are a human-centered approach for representing human experience and human knowledge. With the Event-Model-F [1, 2], we created a sophisticated representation of events. The model is based on the foundational ontology DOLCE+DnS Ultralight (DUL) and provides comprehensive support to represent time and space, objects and persons, as well as mereological, causal, and correlative relationships between events. In addition, the Event-Model-F provides a flexible means for event composition, modeling event causality and event correlation, and representing different interpretations of the same event.

As there are no events without any objects participating in these events, the concept of object is at least as important as the concept of events. There is no event without an object and vice versa. Goal of this work is to complement the Event-Model-F by a core ontology on Objects. Like the Event-Model-F, it shall base on DUL and provide comprehensive support for representing objects and relations to events. Consequently, the core ontology on Objects shall follow a pattern-oriented approach, is modularized in different ontology patterns, and can be easily extended by domain specific ontologies.

[1] Vasileios Mezaris, Ansgar Scherp, Ramesh Jain, Mohan S. Kankanhalli: Real-life events in multimedia: detection, representation, retrieval, and applications. Multimedia Tools Appl. 70(1): 1-6 (2014)

[2] Ansgar Scherp, Thomas Franz, Carsten Saathoff, Steffen Staab: A core ontology on events for representing occurrences in the real world. Multimedia Tools Appl. 58(2): 293-331 (2012)

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