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Tips for Scientific Writing and More

Below you find a selection of tips, books, and articles that are very useful for writing scientific papers and articles, giving presentations, and others.

Scientific Writing

  • Jennifer Widom: Tips for Writing Technical Papers (since I got to know about this article, I give it to every student who starts writing a scientific article for the first time) [read online]
  • Tristan Miller: Advice for German Writers of English Scientific Prose (very nice and not so long article that is in particular helpful for people of German mother tongue) [read online]
  • Academic Phrasebank of the University of Manchester (good when you are looking for examples how to phrase things; provides also further references) [read online]
  • Robert A. Day and Barbara Gastel: How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper (very comprehensive and useful)
  • William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White: The Elements of Style (very condensed information on how to write perfect English; this is a must read)
  • Andrea Wiggins: Responding to reviews (nice posting on how to respond to reviews) [read online]



  • Garr Reynolds: Presentation Zen (a book on how to present, very nice)

PhD Students

  • Jason Hong: Ph.D. Students Must Break Away From Undergraduate Mentality, BLOG@CACM [read online]


  • Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language (stable since 1999) [read online]

  • Homepage kicked off!