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mobEx - Mobile Location and Event Finder

Mobile Event and Location Exploration from Multiple Social Media Sources

Where can I find the next open bakery? Is there any concert in my area or around my current location? What to do for the night without wasting much time browsing multiple websites? For all these questions, mobEx provides the answer because it finds the right locations and events for you. In addition to any other location-based service mobEx introduces the time as third dimension and by that allows you to look into the future. mobEx aggregates data from different Web sources in the blink of an eye to serve you with all relevant information you need to plan your holiday, leisure time, or any other amusements. The app visualizes locations and events on a map and helps you to easily explore the bars, restaurants, sights, clubs, or festivals close by. When looking for an event in the future, just turn the time wheel and start planning your trip!

Google Play: Install MobEx directly on your Android Phone

Publication: F. Knip, C. Bikar, B. Pfister, B. Opitz, T. Sztyler, M. Jess, and A. Scherp: A Field Study on the Usability of a Nearby Search App for Finding and Exploring Places and Events, International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia; Melbourne, Australian, 2014.



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